Givenchy Couture Spring 2011 Season Show
Givenchy Menswear Winter/Fall 2011 Gallery

Haute Couture’s Spring Outrageous Collections

Haute Couture Outfits Collection for Spring 2011 is looking Beautiful & Eye Catching which keeps you Unique among People.

Fashion is changing day by day & one of best fashion trends if of haute couture trends. As Haute Couture comes with more & more beautiful fashion designs in every Spring and for the coming Spring 2011 collections looks the best for the 2011. But for now, we will see some of the atrocious outfits for this season.

(First from left) : In this beautiful spring dress, the bird’s nest is somehow little much big because it is hiding major part of the dress.

(Center one) : This spring season dress is much more looks like a superhero outfit but yet it is silky & looks beautiful & unique & you may also try this dress on going out for a dinner !!!!!

(First from right) : This dress is made of from beautiful eye catching colors  & also looks beautiful & unique while you are going for a new job interview.

(First from left) : This dress is unique & somehow giving an artwork feel. from top it looks fit & from bottom it is looking big.

(Center one) : This spring dress looks like a princess dress and it also has beautiful layers in light & eye catching colors.

(First from right) : This dress is also beautiful & eye catching. it is looking nice in simple black color. but the designer gives most importance to the shoulders and hips.

(First from left) : This dress is simple & looks like graffiti-inspired outfit.

The colors used in this dress looks bright and beautiful.

(Center one) : This White Dress is comprises bridal inspired outfit. It also has a big & beautiful hat which is covering the bride & also gives beautiful look to a simple bridal dress.

(First from right) : This dress contains black & white colors combination very beautifully and also has an enormous crystallized collar which is somehow hiding some the details of the upper part of the dress.

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