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How to have Retro Hairstyle

Retro Hairstyle has been in higher demand these days as this hairstyle looks beautiful and sexy. Retro Hairdo is also becoming very popular among celebrities and many of the celebrities have also applied retro hair looks which perfectly suit her. Rihanna is the most gorgeous celebrity who has applied retro hairstyle and she looks stunning in it. Moreover, Retro hairstyle have made their way to the runway show as well and appeared at the Dior’s fall 2011 runway. It looks that the old 60’s and 70’s hairdos has come back and anyone who applies them looks beautiful.

Retro Hairstyle

Want to apply Retro Hairstyle? Give it a try! It will surely give you the best look. Follow these simple tips to have a beautiful retro hairdo:

  • First of all, you will need to build volume and for this use a Sebastian Mousse Forte on wet hairs and use a metal round brush to dry the hairs inward.
  • After drying is done, create ear to ear hair section and give a side part.
  • Then heat half inch spring handle curling irons.
  • Then slightly comb back to the root while holding the hair sections up. Note that, you should start from the heavier side part and take the section at the length of the iron.
  • Remember to use Sebastian Shine Define on each iron section. This will be helpful in protecting the hairs from the iron heat.
  • Before heating up the iron, took the iron close to the hair sections.
  • Now start curling your hairs and move the prong up and down on curling iron until you get coiled hairs.
  • Then roll the iron from base at 90 degree angle. Clip the curls at coiled section with pronged clip until it becomes cool.
  • Repeat the above procedure at hair sections at front
  • Then Try the same method at the back of your head.
  • Note that your head should be in curls with clips at the end. When, hairs become cool then remove clips and comb your hairs with a soft brush until all the hair sections have combined and you get retro hairstyle.
  • Finally, apply a Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity hair spray.

One thing to note that, make sure that the hairs are fully dry and use hair protecting product.

There you have a beautiful Retro hairstyle that perfectly suit on you. Try this and leave your comments as well.

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