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InStyle celebrates the private side of public faces, revealing the personal style choices of the world’s most fascinating people. An insider’s guide to trends in beauty, fashion, home entertaining and charities, InStyle is a trusted source for inspiration and ideas.

InStyle 12 Months Subscription

InStyle Reader?

The InStyle reader is a confident and fabulous woman who believes style is not about fad or fleeting fashion moments, but rather an ongoing expression of her fun and fresh personality. This expression transcends her closet and cosmetic bag; she seeks style inspiration and strives to personalize this style across all of her life, from updating the look of her home to the type of car she opts to drive. Over 9.6 million women in their 20′s, 30′s and 40′s read InStyle each month.

Each Issue Comprises:

Each month, the issue starts with “What’s Now,” an energetic roundup of what’s new and exciting in the world of style. Then it’s on to “The Look,” and its unique take on what celebrities are wearing. “Your Look” focuses on fashion trends, tips and how-tos that the reader can use in her own life. The “Beauty” section is filled with expert advice, product reviews and step-by-step guides to wearing the latest make-up looks, caring for skin, getting beautiful hair and more. Next up is “Shop It,” which is dedicated to finding the best fashions and great values for readers. The magazine ends with the “Life, Etc.” pages, which take readers inside the homes of celebrities and help them lead a more stylish life.

The features change from month to month, but readers can always expect a personal and inspiring story about the cover’s celebrity accompanied by gorgeous images of her in the season’s most breathtaking clothing. Most months the magazine includes a beautiful fashion story shot on a celebrity by one of the best photographers in the world, and at least one smart, useful, idea-filled story to help readers solve problems, be more stylish, live better, and enjoy their time more.

Also included with your subscription is InStyle Makeover, a comprehensive guide to the very best new products and possibilities in beauty and fashion, created especially for the modern, sophisticated, and stylish young woman who’s ready to have some fun with her look.

Prices: $17.50 ($1.35/issue) & shipping is always free.

Issues: 13 issues / 12 months



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